"First thing thank you so much for the quick service , just great. 
On Friday a new temp sensor turned up, once fitted I did no more than start the car, after about 1 minuet all the lights came on red, I turned the car off re started and the car came up to temp, the controller went 75 /80 /85 / then at 90 the fan came on and all went back to 85 perfect !!
Again thank you for the best possible service, I will keep you updated"

From: Dean Thomas
Sent: Thursday, 29th May 2014 (Email)
Subject: Digital Controller & EWP

"This is a brilliant cooling system and worth every penny. "

From: Wesley van Rooyen
Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 (Email)
EWP115 & Digital Controller on 13b rotary

"I must say I am extremely impressed and grateful for the excellent service you have provided and the manner in which you have communicated with me. If I can be of any more assistance in any way in prompting your product, please give me the opportunity"

DATE: 14 June 2011
TOPIC: Fitting Alloy EWP115 & Digital Controler
ARTICLE: Customer Email

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