"Wow what a great product, well done Davis Craig. Even she who must be obeyed is happy and that's a good feeling"

From: Tony and Georgie Warham
Sent: Wednesday, 4th June 2014 (Email)
Subject: TPMS - Winner of June's letter of the month Wanderer Magazine

"All staff involved, Thank you for a high level of professional service provided in rectifying a recent problem I had with my TyreGuard system. From my first telephone enquiry, where I was given helpful information to isolate the problem, to returning the faulty component for replacement, everything was handled in a prompt and businesslike manner. Very refreshing in today's business environment where the majority of people do not want to know you after the sale"

From: Des Vos
Sent: Saturday, 24 November 2011
Subject: Fitting / Setting up TPMS
Article: Customer Email 


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